Vintage Clothing – 5 Shopping Secrets

You’re overwhelmed. Your patience is running out. Not long after walking into a second hand store are you ready to dismiss the activity of thrifting as something better suited for your costume bejewelled colleague. Fear not – her secrets can be yours too with these five simple steps to succeed in your vintage shopping spree.

1) Find out if the store is buy/sell/trade. If so, pack some used clothing to swap for cash or store credit.

2) Seek out today’s trends. The majority of runway looks are inspired by something from the past. Ditch this season’s designer route for a more affordable option – and a piece of history.

3) Say yes to accessories. An embellished scarf or a vintage cowboy belt have the power to completely alter the look of that outfit you think you’ve over worn.

4) Be mindful of clothing odours – they likely won’t come out by dry-cleaning.

5) Know what can and can’t be fixed. According to In Style Magizine, broken clasps, ripped seams, and unhinged handles can be repaired.  Items with scuffs, missing beading, and damaged signature hardware should be passed over.

What second-hand shopping secrets do you have to spill?

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