Choosing the right lipstick color

Choosing the right lipstick color is one of the biggest makeup challenge that a woman faces now and again. Women standing before the makeup counters at department stores and staring befuddled at the lipsticks is a common sight.

Women generally tend to have a lot of confusion before buying the right lipstick color. It is indeed a difficult task to pick the perfect lipstick shade. The right lipstick color can easily give you a gorgeous look, but if you apply the wrong lipstick shade it can make you look pale and washed out.

Well from now on choosing the right lipstick color will not be a complicated chore anymore, as here are some simple lipstick tips which will surly help you to pick the right lipstick color for your lips.

Read on to find out how to choose the right lipstick color that flatters your skin tone.

Lipstick shades that compliment fair skin tone

Generally most of the lipstick shades suit the fair skin, but only specific tones enhances the fair skin looks. Fair skin looks attractive in both dark and light lipstick colors, but there are some colors which can make women with fair skin look really dull and weird.

Fair skin tones should stay away from hot pink lipsticks and should not choose pale browns with yellow undertones as they make the fair skin appear dull . Do not choose those reds with orange undertones too, because they are not at all suitable for fair skin tones.

Bold colors always look great on fair skin. Deep plum reds, wine reds or soft berry tones look awesome on fair skin. For a softer look choose soft pink shades. Other shades of pink like shell, iced, neon, magenta, rose, clover are also an excellent option for fair skin tones. Brown shades also compliment the fair skin beautifully. Brown shades like plum, apricot, dusty, chocolate or pastel look classy on fair skin.Mocha browns or darker brown lipstick colors are also a good choice.

Lipstick shades that compliment Medium skin tone

Women with medium skin tone should stay away from neutral colors to avoid looking dull and washed out. Avoid light browns that are very pale as they don’t compliment with your skin type at all.

The colors which look good on medium skin are deep reds, dark browns and berry shades. Creamy coffee browns, rich caramel shades, Mauves and pinks are all flattering to medium skin tone. Generally browns and reds enhance and flatter the medium skin tones immensely. All shades of pink in sheers, creams and mattes work very well on medium skin tones but stay away from bright pinks.

Lipstick shades that compliment Yellowish skin tone

Lipstick shades which compliment yellowish skin tone are coffee, bronze and chocolaty shades . Rich, deep brown reds and deep, dark berry shades are also a good option.. Avoid pinks that are too light and shades of orange as they tend to drain yellowish skin tone. Stay away from orangey red shades and try to avoid light pink lipstick at all cost, but you can opt for pinks like deep berries or rich rose.

Lipstick shades that compliment Brownish Or Black Skin Tone

Deep plum, wine reds, chocolaty or mahogany are fabulous on dark brownish or black skin.Women with dark brown or black skin tone should stay away from orangey shades and pinkish reds.You can choose any shade from the brown color family. Light browns to rich dark coffee browns all look great on black skin tones.

Hope these lipstick tips will guide you to find the perfect lipstick color which suits your skin tone the best

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