Right Hair Color For You

does your hair color truly reflect your own personality?

Choosing the right hair color for you could be daunting at times.

Especially so, when there is a mind boggling array of color choices these days. Adding to that is the complicated jargon of dyeing.

And if you are like me then you are tired of making choices – big or small – every now and then.

But in life some choices are inevitable. Not just inevitable, but there is also an unspoken pressure on you for making them right.

If you look at it closely, choosing the right hair color for you does fall in the same category.

Why? Because once you color your hair, that’s going to be the first and foremost thing people notice about you.

They will subconsciously judge you – your mood, your level of confidence, your character and your overall personality depending on the color you wear… more than anything else!

Now, you agree to it or not… but you are going to be tagged as being less or more of the following i.e. mature, professional, funny, sassy, passionate, shy, funky or simply extreme.

And mind you… this is not just a blah, blah…

Writing these lines, I intend to firmly inculcate in you, the importance of choosing the right hair color for you.

Having said that – If you read and follow these basic tips, you will find that there is always a better color out there, which can make your eyes pop and your face look amazing!

The Color Mantra

If you ask me to sum up the ‘mantra of choosing the right hair color for you’ in one single line, it would be to …

Find a color that matches your look – your lifestyle, hobbies, skin tone, eye color and the current style of your haircut

This is the simplest strategy you can follow, keeping aside the jargon of dyeing.

I would go to the extent to call it a dyeing declaration.

The only thing that can go wrong with dyeing is selecting a color that doesn’t match the above mentioned decisive factors for dyeing.

I hear you say “Agree… But what’s the right hair color for me?” Well, here you go…

Take the following advice on finding the right hair color for you, to the heart and amazing results will follow.

Make Your Skin Blend In

Right Hair Color For You And Your Skin Tone - Cindy Crawford

People look at their skin and instantly think, “This must be the right hair color for me.”

Hair coloring doesn’t work that way…

Now, you might be wondering that I just said to look at your skin tone first, while dyeing!

Well, that’s true but I want you to close in a bit more than that, while trying to find the right hair color for you.

You must always be sure to make YOUR skin tone blend in the hair color you choose.

If you have heavy red tones in your face, don’t go for a red. It will make that red tone more obvious when people look at you.

Instead, you need to add a shade that will soften the look and make your whole face stand out. In this case, you would want to add a golden hue.

If you prefer to use a darker tone, then you must be have a darker or olive complexion. There will be blues and reds just below your eyes.

With that in mind, one must not forget that everyone has a different complexion to their skin. So, the right hair color for you is much likely to be different than the girl next door.

It is good news for you! Why? Because very few people who dye their hair, know that. And even if they do, they are lazy enough to do the required research.

Let’s have a look at another scenario… when your current hair color does not best suit your skin. In this case, what you need to figure out is that, if you have a warm face or a cool one.

If you can’t figure out whether you are cold or warm toned still, look at your veins, blue veins mean you have cool skin, green veins mean you have warm skin.

All else being equal, cool colors are for cool skinned and warm colors are for warm skinned.

In some cases one may end up looking like a corpse (pardon me!) if she has a pale skin and jet black hair.

Warm skin tones tend to look better with golden hair. People who have a skin that is pale, and appears slightly pink or peach colored or have many freckles will benefit from this hair color.

Let me repeat… You must be willing to consider the shade of your skin when you create your perfect dyeing choice.

Next vital parameter for closing in to get the right hair color for you is your eye color.

Look into Your Eyes

Right Hair Color For You And Your Eye Color - Denise Richards

When it comes to making the right color choice, eyes will hold a lot of truth.

They pop out when you smile, but when you aren’t amused, you need something to bring them out.

That is where hair dyeing comes in. But to make sure that it comes in for good, you must look into your eyes …

If you have eyes that are a striking green or golden, and even hazel you will want a color that brings out your warm side.

If you have blue or gray eyes, and dark browns and black you want to keep your palette on the cold side. Because you are cool with those colors.

With this information, I guess, you have a general idea of what color must turn out to be the best or simply the right hair color for you.

Now move on to polish that knowledge with an insight on cool and warm colors.

We are almost done! Get one last edge by finding the right hair color for your skin tone.

Cold Colors, Warm Colors And The Right Hair Color

Right Hair Color For You And Cool Warm Skin - Avril Lavigne

Warm colors will be golden, deep chocolate colors, rich browns, reds and auburn.

Your best bet will always be a golden hair color.

Cool as a cucumber individual, must go for the ashy and dark red browns. Black can be a good option, depending on the intensity of your face.

Most often a dark brown with splashes of gold will be the right hair color for you.

It is important for you to note that undertones either can be a great add on.

But while you are closing in towards selecting the right hair color for you, you may notice that some tones won’t work well together.

On darker hair, a lighter color looks amazing. Conversely on lighter hair, adding dark highlights doesn’t work well. So in lighter hair, a red would be a good choice for hair color highlight.

Final Words of Wisdom – Never Go Rampant!

Now to prove that you have graduated in finding the right hair color for you: you must demonstrate one final edge by not going rampant.

No matter what you choose to do, never do radical changes all at once…

Have a professional take you down a couple of shades at one time. This helps you to prevent going too fast and ending up with hair that looks strange. This means that going from black to permanent blonde wouldn’t be a wise decision.

Coloring hair at home might be tempting, but I can’t stress it enough that professional consultation is the only way to go. Especially if you are a beginner – no matter how well read you are in the hair coloring arena.

A color mess is worse than the worse hair day.  If you mess, it’s no more a day, but a week or month full of bad hair days. Added to that would be the nightmare of being tagged under one or more of the wrong categories of who you are, when you are not…

A true professional will guide you during your hair color tests and help to match you with a flawless choice. Because in the end, all you want is to sport amazing tresses everyone notices!

I hope this helps and wish you all MY best in finding the right hair color for you.

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