7 fashion finds for every woman

When it comes to fashion, the fads and crazes can come and go like breezes; what’s burning hot today can turn ice-cold tomorrow. But certain articles of clothing are always fashionable, flattering, and useful. If your closet needs filling out, try these on for size!

#1: Bootcut Pantsbootcut pants 150x150 Wardrobe Staples: 7 Fashion Finds for Every Woman

Whether on your jeans, knit casuals, or suit pants, a slightly flared leg is great for every woman. Bootcut jeans are tailored to add curves by tapering at the knee and widening at the foot, so that even those with very thin or very stocky legs can have the appearance of shapely gams. Add to that the fact that bootcut pants usually fall over the top of the shoes, and you’ve got leg-lengthening power, too!

teal a line dress 150x150 Wardrobe Staples: 7 Fashion Finds for Every Woman#2: An A-Line Dress

Forget the “little black dress;” A-line dresses are where the real fashion gold is. Every shape and size of woman looks good in an A-line dress, as the closer-fitted top and flared bottom create the look of a Coke-bottle shape without clinging too tightly. A variety of necklines, hemlines, and materials can be used, making A-lines an A-plus choice for cocktail dresses, casual frocks, wedding and bridesmaid gowns, and even sundresses. Check them out!

#3: A Khaki Trench Coatasym hem trench coat 150x150 Wardrobe Staples: 7 Fashion Finds for Every Woman

No other coat is as versatile. Pair a simple khaki trench with business attire, date wear, or even a pair of jeans, and you’ll look put-together without appearing too overdone. Fly details like an asymmetrical hem or slight train can spice up the look for any diva, and trenches also come in shades like pink, black, green, and purple. You can find your best style, any way you go!

#4: Colorful Heels

red heels 150x150 Wardrobe Staples: 7 Fashion Finds for Every WomanEveryone knows that high heels work wonders for the female form, lengthening the legs, lifting the booty, and forcing better posture. But colorful heels are an absolute must for any woman looking to kick up her heels – and her look – with a bit of pizzazz. Think about it: bold blue, yellow, red, green, orange, or even purple shoes add color and personality without having to buy a whole new wardrobe. Pair your favorite color heels with a simple black dress or suit, and viola! You’ve got an outfit with attitude.

#5: Hoop Earringssuspended hoops 150x150 Wardrobe Staples: 7 Fashion Finds for Every Woman

From classic doorknockers to tiny arcs and linked teardrops, hoop earrings are one style that works for everyone. For a simple trip to the grocery store or other everyday wear, try smaller, lobe-hugging hoops. For an around-the-way-girl vibe, rock hula-hoops in gold or silver – whichever metal goes best with your skin tone – or even diamonds, wood, platinum, or, yes, bamboo. Help lengthen or balance out your face shape with pendant circles (pictured) or a teardrop shape, both of which help make hoops more elegant.

pencil skirt 150x150 Wardrobe Staples: 7 Fashion Finds for Every Woman#6: Pencil Skirts

Got curves? Even if you don’t, pencil skirts are excellent for creating them. A good pencil skirt tapers toward the bottom or falls in a straight line to the hem, fitting the body just right to show off attractive slopes while minimizing trouble spots.

#7: Wide-Sleeved Topswide sleeved top multi angle 300x219 Wardrobe Staples: 7 Fashion Finds for Every Woman

Another universally-flattering style option, wide sleeves both disguise thin or bulky biceps and compliment toned ones. In addition, wider sleeves lend an elegant-yet-casual air, making the top easy to wear to almost any event.

So if you’re ready to stock up your wardrobe for the New Year (or maybe in need of new clothes for the new you, minus a few pounds) then these are the basics to shop for. Get out there, girl, while the post-holiday sales are still in effect!

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